“All good things come to those who wait.”
Being a small hands on producer allows us the freedom and the attention to detail you’d expect from your own pastry chef. Without compromise, a classic puff pastry requires 2-3 days before it’s ready for the oven. Biscotti, pastries and creams alike have their own process. With this in mind, our pasticceria range is all made to order and require 3 days notice.

Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta (literally “cooked cream”) originates from the Piemonte region of Northern Italy. It is a simple dessert imbued with whole, natural ingredients, a distinct pure essence and a velvety finish.

  • Almond Milk
  • Chocolate
  • Gianduia (Chocolate & Hazelnut)
  • Lemon
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Vanilla Bean & Strawberry Swirl
  • Sheep Milk Yoghurt
  • Irish Cream

Tasting Plates


1. Strawberry sorbet layered between mascarpone gelato resting on a brandy snap wafer.
2. Cannolo shell filled with nougat gelato and drizzled with pistachio sauce.
3. Dark chocolate panna cotta.


1. Soft meringue peaked with macerated berries and sabayon cream.
2. Roasted cherry and almond biscuit with white and dark chocolate pieces.
3. Homemade chocolate gelato.


1. Pear and walnut tart.
2. Vanilla bean and roasted almond semifreddo with scatters of sponge cake doused in Alkermes liqueur.
3. Frozen chocolate and mint truffle coated with cocoa powder.


1. Cannolo filled with tiramisù gelato.
2. Chocolate and hazelnut panna cotta.
3. Honeycomb and caramel semifreddo.

Trio di Naxos

1. Strawberry and vanilla bean panna cotta.
2. Homemade Sicilian cassata.
3. Crostoli drizzled with honey and crushed almonds.

Caffè Roma

1. Cannolo filled with stracciatella gelato.
2. Tiramisù.
3. Chocolate panna cotta.

Choc A Holic

1. Chocolate hazelnut gelato and brandy snap wafer.
2. Chocolate panna cotta.
3. Chocolate mousse cake.

Please Note: Variations may incur an additional fee.
Conditions relating to minimum orders and packaging apply.


Italian Trifle

Layered with crème pâtissière, panettone soaked in coffee, sabayon cream and cocoa.

Torta Della Nonna

Vanilla bean and lemon scented custard tart with pine nuts.

Chocolate Pudding

Soft centered chocolate pudding.

Apple Crumble

Short crust tart with a thin layer of custard, blend of apple, raisin, cinnamon and clove. Topped with spiced biscuit crumbs and rolled oats.


Aussie classic with assorted berries macerated in Maraschino.

Chocolate Truffle Mousse

Milk chocolate mousse on a chocolate ganache coated biscuit.


Flourless hazelnut and chocolate tortino.

Polenta & Orange Tortino

Flourless cake made with almond meal, orange and polenta.

Yoghurt Berry Tortino

Moist cake made with yoghurt, olive oil and mixed berries.


  • Chocolate Custard
  • Vanilla Custard
  • Ricotta with Candied Fruit & Pistachio

Amaretti & Biscotti

Pistachio & Cherry

Pistachio and almond rolled in chopped pistachio and crowned with amarena cherry.


Oven roasted slice with almond, sultana & studded with marasche cherry and couverture chocolate.


A medley of roasted hazelnut, nougat and dark chocolate.


Crumbly shortbread with citrus tones, currants and sugar coated crust.

Pistachio Orange & Chocolate

Twice baked morsel including pistachio, dark chocolate and orange.


Classic blend of almond and bitter almond with hints of lemon.

Walnut, Cinnamon & Ginger

Roasted biscuit complemented with cinnamon, walnut and candied ginger.

Spiced Amaretti

Chewy almond and spiced wine dumpling rolled in almond flakes.

Coffee & Almond

Dunking shortbread finger biscuit laced with coffee and roasted almond.

Please Note: Minimum order of 1kg per biscuit type.